The Third Land

Schauspiel von Susanne Fritz
UA 1994 Factory Theatre, Toronto
mit Waneta Stormes, Nigel Shawn Williams in den Hauptrollen, daneben James O’Reilly, Christine Brubaker
Bühne: Jan Komarek
Lichtdesign: Bonnie Beecher
Choreographie: Laura Taler
Übersetzung und Regie: Ross Manson
Produktion: volcano

In einer namenlosen Stadt begegnen sich zwei verlorene Seelen, ein junger Mann und eine junge Frau unterschiedlicher Herkunft. Ein Text über Sehnsucht und Überleben in einem neuen, fremden Land. Über die dunkle Seite der Immigration.

THE JOUNG MAN: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been kissing. And everybody always said, that’s what I did best – kiss – whether I had actually kissed them or not. And it’s not that it wasn’t fun, I have always enjoyed a good kiss since it’s what I do best, like everyone says. But I never had a chance to learn about anything else since there was always some stranger fastened onto my lips. Since my tongue was always tied up with some other tongue. Since I never even got to know the taste of my own spit unmixed. And everybody at home would say “What do you want to learn about anyway? You’ve got it made, for someone who kisses like you, the world is an open door”. But. I close my eyes when I kiss. And if I open them it’s only to check if whomever I’m kissing has their eyes closed or not, or to check if they’re checking. So for a moment, I may see some other eyes swimming vaguely in front of me under half closed lids, but even if I could see them clearly, I could never say how close they are because my eyes are made for distance. But, even to check – to really check, I mean - it’s rare. There’s no reason. Maybe when all the kissing has come to an end, once and for all. Or maybe when you want it all to begin again, but this time make it last forever. Don’t be angry with me if I don’t kiss you. I want to see your eyes. I want just once to see eyes that are open, that aren’t swimming vaguely in front of me, and that aren’t only open to check if mine are. Or to check if I’m checking… (Übersetzung: Ross Manson)

This is dramatic pointillism – sharp details, shorn of context, gradually coming to suggest a big picture. Now Magazine

Never less than brilliant! The Toronto Star

Exquisite work. Beautifully choreographed. The Globe & Mail